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Thai rice comes in three basic types: sticky rice, broken rice and long grain rice. In our cha chã restaurants, we use a mixture of the latter two types in equal parts, because this combination provides a light, but nevertheless slightly sticky consistency and a well-rounded aroma. Broken rice is the result of the milling process, which is used to remove the outer skin of the rice grain and to polish it using water pressure to give it a smooth and white surface. In the process, the rice becomes sticky, because the open surface of the grain releases starch, which is a desired effect. Long grain rice (fragrant rice) is the type most commonly used in Asia, while broken rice was considered "the poor people's rice" for a long time. By combining these two types of rice, we create our cha chã rice mixture, which is served after it has been gently steamed.


Rice noodles

Rice noodles are produced from rice flour and thus, they are a healthy and gluten-free alternative to pasta made of durum wheat. Rice noodles are a traditional ingredient in Asian cooking and apart from that, they only contain about half of the carbohydrates of conventional pasta.