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The brownish meat of the tamarind fruit is delicious. It has a sour-sweet taste and this is why it is frequently used as a replacement for lemons. There are two different types of tamarind, sweet and sour. Tamarind is used in appetizers as well as main dishes and desserts.


Thai basil

Thai basil is considered the king of thai herbs. Apart from its incomparable taste, basil (derived from the Greek word "basileus" for "king") has a calming, toning and relaxing effect. The Thais use three different types of basil: In our cha chã restaurants, we exclusively use "bai horapha" (sweet Thai basil), because it is the tastiest and ideally complements our Thai compositions.


Thai mangos

The mangos you find in the supermarket are harvested before they are ripe, and then continue ripening while they are being shipped to Europe in refrigerated containers. Due to their lack of exposure to sunshine, they contain significantly less vitamins and taste. The Thai mangos we use are only harvested after they have fully ripened, which makes them incredibly tasty and rich in valuable content substances. Mangos strengthen the body's cells against free radicals (free water in the body, which is responsible for cell aging), and the vitamin C they contain strengthens the connective tissue. Moreover, mangoes serve to prevent infections and colds (by providing vitamins), and they have a positive effect on the body's vital system.