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SPECIALS - With our monthly specials, our cha chã team offers our guests a selection of healthy, seasonal and innovative variations. Each monthly special has its own special theme. Learn more...

Thai sharing style is fun! Experience the diversity and healthy balance of cha chã's dishes by sharing them with others—just like in Thailand, where eating stands for the enjoyment of rich diversity and an energizing communal experience. The individual dishes served in smaller bowls are complemented by a common large bowl of rice. Casually pass around all the bowls and discover crispily deep-fried dishes in harmony with healthy stir-fried delicacies, spicy curries, and fresh and fruity salad creations. Learn more...

EATING IS ENJOYABLE. POSITIVE EATING IS EVEN MORE ENJOYABLE! Our Thai Street Kitchen with its healthy, always fresh and light ingredients creates well-being and can be fully enjoyed without any worries. Fresh vegetables and fruits as well as authentic spices such as chillies, lemon grass, cardamom, coriander, ginger or galingale are not only a special treat, but also contribute to a healthy body and mind. This is the essence of Positive Eating in our cha chã restaurants, in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere.

positive drinking

"positive drinking" is what our cha chã Team calls the stimulating effects on the well-being of body and mind, produced by the nutrients contained in fresh fruits and vegetables. At cha chã, not only the food plays a special role, but also the drinks, created from a special selection of well-balanced and always fresh ingredients, producing positive and lasting health effects—in short: cha chã positive drinking! Read more...


We regret that we cannot offer Business Catering at this moment.